Before I begin I will have you know it took me weeks to be able to come up with a topic that would give my readers an insight of my personal struggles and how I succeeded in achieving them one after the other.
I wanted to write on a topic that will be totally “me” as i felt that is the only way you can connect and have a feel of my journey like you were taking every step with me along the way.

N|B: This topic was inspired by my little sister Tarinabo, love you😘

So how did I get over the struggle of finally penning something of value down after weeks of feeling frustrated empty and depressed and after paying for different goal setting and writing courses? Wait for it!!!😂😂😂
I got my self three accountability partners yes (3)😁 and they were all picked in no particular order than the fact that we are all very determined to make little changes that will birth great results in future, now what was the take? Some cool cash was at stake. We all jotted down each other’s goals and inserted a time frame and gave ourselves a penalty of 10k if all was not done before the said time.

Now you must not have 3 accountability partners like I did. One trusted and serious minded person on the same journey of self reliance will be just fine for you both to be accountable to each other, also don’t forget to put a penalty as that would be a motivation for you to push harder and break forth.
Moving on, somehow a night before the stated date inspiration started flowing from different angles. It happened that way because I have always known I can and if I can do it you so can you.

Let me take you through a step by step process on how I was able to get my goals crushed and still manage to indulge a little in the things I love.

I guess I don’t need to tell you that making a decision for change means cutting down on all the excesses that were formally dragging you behind. Yes! I cut down on the Facebook and Instagram addiction, worrying without action or results and eating to fill up the void of lack of motivation.
I start my mornings at 5:30am with my favourite worship songs, a little meditation(at this time I run my day/activities through my head) bible study and breakfast later. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day but don’t forget to keep it light, you don’t want to be dragging yourself all day fighting sleep at intervals after consuming a heavy meal. I will recommended a cup of green tea or lemon water to rejuvenate your system and kick start you for a great day ahead. Winks

Presently with the wealth of knowledge I have gathered lately from different authorities. I do everything to stay far far away from Negativity. What do I mean by this??
You know all those people that have an opinion of who they think you are, or what they think you should be? Ok! Those are the ones I am taking about here. Never ever dim your light or bring yourself low to magnify people’s opinion about you. Just know that what those people think about you and how far you can go is exactly how they think of themselves. Surround yourself with people on the same journey as you. Don’t feel bad if you start loosing friends just know not everyone would understand what your journey is about, for your growth they have to give way

*Remember it is all about you*

Note: The first step to achieving anything is to believe that you can, Confucius said “a man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both correct”
Yes! it is what it is, so get rid of low thinkers and negativity and work on your mind set first before you go further.

So what?? you have lost count on how many times you tried before and didn’t succeed
So what? You almost succeeded and relapsed again. Learn to see the point of your last relapse as a starting point for your next and endeavour to start on a clean slate with the realisation there is nothing behind for you, the only thing that can be drawn from looking back should be lessons on how best to handle tasks and challenges in the future.
Going back and forth will only signal inconsistency and we both know nothing can be achieved that way. Make an affirmation to go forward ever..

Always strive to achieve a little more than you did the previous day. I try as much as possible to do a little more than I did last time, I push myself beyond my last limit. For instance it used to take me like a week plus to finish a book, depending on the number of pages but right now I devised a means to read faster and I can confidently say I can finish up two books in 7days and tell you about it *grins* and still tick more than half of what I have on my checklist for the day.
We will talk about how I started reading faster on a later date..

Do not compare your pace to anyone else’s the only realistic way of measuring your progress should be from your last performance. I take delight in knowing that I improved a little from the last time I tried even if it is as little as 5mins extra for taking long walks or from 350 – 400 words daily for writing. Progress is progress no matter how little and it beats not trying at all.

In striving to becoming the best version of yourself, time management is everything because the tic tic sound of the clock doesn’t stop at any point while you decide to loaf around.
It keeps going forward one tick after another. What I do with time management is make preparations every night before the next day of a list of things to be done without leaving out my rest time, because gone are those days of working hard without results now we work smart.
Take little breaks when necessary and build on your ideas, take a nap if u have to and wake up refreshed.

You know the point where you tell yourself ok! I will just surf Facebook and Instagram for five more minutes first thing in the morning and you see one catchy headline after another and it succeeds in sucking you all in, by the time you come back you must have spent half of your day doing nothing and being exhausted for nothing. You can relate right?? Hahaha well I can too.
Later on you deceive yourself by saying you will carry over everything to the next day, anyhow you still find yourself moving around the never ending circles of an unproductive and mediocre lifestyle.
Well you can make a decision just like I did and there isn’t any better time to start than now. Please and please side distractions will never fill up that hollow in your heart they will never satisfy the yearnings of your heart than actions would so just like the NIKE slogan says “Just do it” make little steps to create healthy habits that will launch you into the best version of yourself….

Studies have shown that whatever you do overtime becomes a habit, I will conclude by letting you know that I am still in the process of solidifying my healthy habits and it gets better with each passing day once in a while old habits show their ugly heads but I remind myself on why I need a change badly and forge on.

Take action now and come back for more doses of the journey of my self discovery


Be Inspired..

Ifiemi Allagoa Elleh…