Follow me closely and take a good look at what you see right now, this desolation will be filled with mighty presence, this desert will be inhabited and watered, this cloak shall be an adornment of luxury. These eyes shall sparkle

Look at me Mr, this uncertainty shall birth resolution. Take a good look at this place because your memory of it shall become an inspiration for your talks and an illustration for young hungry minds.

Fix your gaze while you can because soon you will search and everything will be but a memory. Every lost piece will find expression and fit like a puzzle.

Look here you!! The beauty of this somewhat dull appearance shall be splashed all over town like a graffiti that is created in the dark but shines forth at dawn

I am limitless, unshaken and brazen. Take a long last look because these words would be engraved as a source of reference.

Psalm 126:1

When the Lord turned again the captivity of zion we like them that dream.

Beloved, keep the Faith.🙏


Ifiemi Allagoa

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