Write me a story, a story of love, a story of togetherness and bliss, of making everyday count, of ambitions and hope, of laurels and cheers.

Write me a story, a perfect story that despair is illusive, pain is vanquished and all that there is, is winning

Write me a story, a story of happiness, a story of triumph, of thrills and highs, of beautiful faces and smiles, of choice locations and pastures.

Write me a story of perfect, only that nothing is ever perfect, depending on what you see.

Write me a story of ruins, because there is beauty in ruins

Write me a story of ashes, they are chars of what once was and what would be

I would rather a story of uncertainties, of desolation, because of evolving, because of growth, because of passing time, because of birth, of determination, of perseverance, because of me

Write me a story a perfect story of ruins that births clarity

This article is inspired by:

Isaiah 61 and the struggles behind every victory that no one really sees except the person(s) involved. Just like a casting crew no one sees the rigors behind the scenes, the tantrums from crew members, the slacking, the cuts and additions, points were it didn’t look achievable. All that is seen afterwards is the hit movie.

The concluding part is me saying I love the chaos because it shows the process and beauty of calm, peace and quiet. God promises in Isaiah 61:3 to give us beauty for ashes, do not be deterred by the ashes, love the process.


Ifiemi Allagoa

16 thoughts on “A PERFECT STORY”

  1. Awww! So interesting and thought provoking. Excellent abstract and fictional imagination. More of this girl. Thanks and God’s grace


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