Hi guys i started a series of of fictional stories titled ” A Tale of the Movement ” in 2018 on wattpad i have posted a couple of them here on my blog but if you weren’t following the series on wattpad you might find it difficult to keep up ( i apologize) i will now give you a brief description of the story and the order which they follow for easy understanding. note that the fictional stories would be posted on Fridays. Cheers

A Tale of the Movement are series of short fictional stories based on real life events, about a lady with a very beautiful mind, she recounts her past and all she has seen in her lifetime by one single event that occurred, she feels like she is at a crossroad and is indecisive, looking back instead of forward.

The first insight into her life is a vague description of the battles she has faced and bridges shes had to cross but as time goes on, her story will get deeper, and more detailed it will pull you in and get you hooked..

Not until you learn

Not until you take something from it and let it have an impact in your life.

They were written in this order:

  • Flash Back
  • lost in the party
  • already broken
  • freedom
  • hello/goodbye

i will be posting these shortly, stay hooked for more inspiring topics from me


Allagoa ifiemi

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