It was hard for her to concentrate on anything worthwhile, she had a lot she wanted to do but nothing she was committed to at the time she met him, she read but barely went deep, she socialized but just on the surface, she went to church but sat there lost, the emptiness lurked, she couldn’t commit to anything, she was in hiding from her past and failures and any familiar face that would make her question her decisions and where she was at that point in her life.

She met him, he seemed familiar, not in person but in persona. He possessed the qualities she loved but was running away from, free spirited, fun, intuitive, exciting, dirty talking and adventurous, this can be likened to the constant consumption of processed sugar and its effect in your body. You would still want to take it even if you know it is bad for you.

He was sugar.

He had the thrilling, energetic personality that was capable of making her throw caution to the wind, they both hit it off and ran through the skeletal part of their lives in a few minutes, and they savored the presence of each other like they were both running from something yet trying to satisfy a prevalent hunger. He was drawn to her essence but attracted to the physical, he ravished and devoured her with his eyes and thoughts and occasionally rubbed his hands against hers.

Surely you look like a Donald. She giggled

You mean you can’t remember my name after mentioning it to you a while ago? So disappointing the Dr thought, but she stuck to Donald, she didn’t want anything deep, she knew the thrill, it would only last for the moment and be remembered for a lifetime, so holding on to names was out of it, to her it was a familiar place she loved yet wouldn’t go back to, Sugar he was. Dr Donald sugar. bad for you remember?


She said she wouldn’t mind another cocktail; they both clicked their glasses with a hearty cheer. She asked to leave moments later, he shared how he would have loved to take her somewhere to have a delicacy with the air condition blowing directly on their heads (how exciting that would have been) just what she wanted, a get away to forget the void, but she declined knowing that the invitation would create an even deeper void. She knew the night was over for her and everything that came with it.

They met by 8:45pm in a city best described as one that is always alive and struck a conversation at the Atm point, he had a funny laugh. They had a common problem, looking for where to eat. They ate together, drank together and called it a night. Amidst the random thoughts and desires birthed by the acquaintance it was goodbye.


Listening to goodbyes.. By young thugs


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Ifiemi Allagoa

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