Hi guys, thank you all for always reading my blog. In this segment, I am going to highlight the reasons why everyone needs to have a bucket list. This post was inspired by a goal setting course I just concluded by Coach Edirin. Meanwhile I turned 31 on the 27/07/19 and I only just realized I have all these plans mentally that I want to execute but I haven’t taken any step to actualize them, come on!! Let me ask you this crucial question’… if you were going to die tomorrow what are those things you would want to accomplish? Have you written them down? (I don’t go a day without my journal) I will have you know that i only just listed mine down and realized, girl!! You have very overwhelmingly big dreams and desires right there, but realistically if your dreams and goals aren’t bigger than you, if they are just basic, they shouldn’t be described as goals and dreams. Goals/dreams are supposed to surpass your present level, to launch you into a bigger place than you presently are.

In a bid to create my bucket list I started off by doing a research on solid bucket list ideas. I stumbled on a lot of mundane as well as thrilling ideas, that is for those seeking major adrenaline rush as well as those that just desire the calm experience involving nature and remarkable sites to die for. A bucket list should be a combination of various highs and lows, it can be diving with the sharks to feeding ducks at a pond in Paris. Not like you can’t find ducks in any other location but you choose Paris because it is the scenery you desire.

I went further to list out the items on my mental list into my journal and my computer, I will advice you put it down anywhere visible and private (or not) preferably as a checklist. You will notice that by default all your activities and goals would be centered on fulfilling all those fantasy like desires and you will device a working plan towards achieving them.

Group of multiracial friends having fun on the beach of tropical Bali island.

Well I know what you are waiting for but NOOOOO I am not giving you details of my exclusive list until I tick those boxes one after the other.  Don’t be sad as I will now give you a short guide on how to create yours.

Are you still with me????

Okay let’s do this

Firstly I will ask you the question I asked at the beginning, if you had a very short time left on earth what are those things you will love to achieve in your social, family, career, love, and spiritual life? before you move over to Lala land of no return and of course on a budget..(I do everything on a budget lately)

Something you have always desired to do but haven’t yet. The burning desire that is inherent but devoid of action. Do want to travel the world like I do? (I can’t hide the fact that I am an aspiring globetrotter) there you go, I just let that one slip out hehehe.

Is there anyone you will love to meet in person? Please don’t wait till you are on your dying bed to make a wish, not everyone gets the luxury of a real life genie. Lol

You want to acquire a skill or degree? it is still bucket list worthy. Ooh yes!! I said it. What matters most to you? What memories will you like to keep forever etched in the hearts of your buddies or family?

After asking yourself these questions the next phase will be to create that well structured checklist I talked about earlier, the reason for this is to give you that sense of achievement whenever you tick a box. It helps you see clearly how far you’ve come.

Why you need a bucket list

The reason for creating a bucket list cannot be over emphasized. It helps you achieve your desires in a shorter time than you ever imagined,

Listing them down makes you want to devise workable plan to achieve them

They will naturally fit into your long and short term goals

Contrary to popular belief bucket list aren’t list of impossible things that is hardly ever achieved, if you find yourself stuck in between writing yours it literally means you are limiting yourself before you even begin. Quit mentally limiting yourself and go for it…

Have you organised yours already? Have you decided to go for it? I will absolutely love to read your thoughts about creating yours and your experience so far if you have already made yours. Don’t forget to follow so you can catch up easily with future posts. I will be in the comment section.

Be inspired.


Allagoa ifiemi

8 thoughts on “BUCKET LIST ANYONE??”

  1. Waoh! this is quite insightful, educative, inspiring and challenging. Thank you for the vital information.. I will follow up on your well taken suggestions. I love this.


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